Technical Assistance

Control the technical assistance provided to customers, from request to resolution.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

The Technical Assistance Module provides an integrated history of deadlines and resolutions, covering the entire flow of a complaint and compiling all of the problems pointed out. In this module, you can evaluate requests, schedule surveys, and track service through the operations panel.

By accessing complete information on requests for technical assistance, your company improves cost control, reduces paper usage, and increases customer service effectiveness.

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Technical Assistance


Requests, Visits, Construction Systems, Warranties and Evidence are also available in the smartphone APP.

Resources such as application of the satisfaction survey, entry of request costs, visualization of the technicians’ agenda, record of evidence and comments with easy access. In addition to filling in text fields by voice, they bring facilities in the routine of the service team.

Technical Assistance


Integration with BigQuery allows loading data in the cloud, bringing more security to your histories.

It is possible to connect the Technical Assistance module with your data analysis tool and in this way, automatic data extractions are made for the analysis tool.

The work becomes more agile, without wasting time and focused on the strategic analysis of the indicators.


Control of service deadlines

Richness of evidence and information

Possibility of individualizing the costs by request

Integrated event history

Warranty and personalization registration

Evaluation of the origin of requests

Integration with websites to open requests

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