Keep an effective and detailed monitoring of the safety of the work and of the employees, according to the legislation.



The Security Module facilitates the management of delivery, exchange, return and expiration of PPE (integrated with the MTE), as well as the control and evaluation of meetings and training updated for professionals in construction.

The organized and proactive management of security can generate savings with, promoting cost reduction for your company.

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Virtual Gate

Control access to work easily and quickly.

In conjunction with the Security Module, the Virtual Gate application allows the access control of suppliers, employees and third parties according to the updating of their mandatory documentation.

The app works on smartphones with the Android operating system. The verification of the registries is made by the reading of the badge, QR Code or Card NFC (Near Field Communication) and the detection of invalid information triggers alerts to those responsible.


Meeting follow-up

Control of delivery, exchange and return of PPE

Training control by function

Monitoring panel

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