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Mobuss Construção is the mobility software that provides greater control of work to improve the profitability of construction companies.

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Mobility and efficiency from start until post construction

Our platform has 10 modules that meet your needs in various processes and stages of construction.


Deliver a positive result to your customers with a well executed project, within the planned schedule and budget.

Mobuss Construção promotes collaborative project management and unified communication among those involved throughout the building process, avoiding wasting time, money, labor and materials.

Recommended Module

Management of the labor

Centralize data and reliable information to get more efficiency in production control and the elimination of losses.

The field information is quickly passed on with Mobuss Construção to those in charge of building management, optimizing decision making and guiding work from the office to the construction site.

Security and occupational health

Avoid the unforeseen and accidents at the construction site through a active control of employee safety information and equipment.

Mobuss Construção assists in the organization and storage of data relating to the updating of information on employees and preventive maintenance of the machinery, facilitating the supervision of the safety processes in the work in accordance with the legal requirements.

Security and occupational health

Quality and environment

Promote the sustainability and continuous improvement of your work, planning and managing processes and quality criteria that meet the customer’s needs.

In addition to contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact and the final cost of the work, Mobuss Construção supports the monitoring of quality indicators and inspections in construction, control of the flow of information in the site and the planning of resources, processes and people.

Quality and environment

Delivery of units

Ensure customer satisfaction with the end result of the construction by means of a formal process of delivery and receipt of the enterprise.

Mobuss Construção facilitates the planning, execution and verification of all stages of the work, so that the delivery of the project takes place within the established deadlines and with the lowest incidence of possible noncompliance.

Recommended Module
Inspection and Delivery
Delivery of units

Post construction

Offer excellence and agility in customer service after the completion of the construction, accompanying from the request of the service to the resolution of the event.

It is possible with Mobuss Construção record and control the execution of technical assistance calls, seeking to identify the main problems after the work and thus take the most effective corrective and preventive actions.

Recommended Module
Technical Assistance
Post construction

Toniolo, Busnello (TBSA) has efficient control and mobility in the management of work with Mobuss Construção

We did some market research and even tested a prototype, but Mobuss Construção stood out by the data processing speed, by indicators offered and the ability to use with ease. The know-how and commitment of the Teclógica professionals were also differential in our analysis.

Fernando Busnello

Responsible for labor costs

Engebel Construction solves 99% of non-conformities in construction sites with Mobuss Construção

Our expectations regarding the use of Mobuss Construção have been met. We can guarantee our customers the reliability of information, improvement of the work carried out, agility in the process of inspection and a large increase in the efficiency of checks. All of these aspects were achieved with an investment corresponding to only 0.05% of the total cost of the project.

Walmiro Ghedin

Administrative director

Embraed bets on mobility solution to control quality processes of its enterprises

We maintain control over the entire product process provided to our customers and the traceability of their history. Mobuss Construção follows from the final inspection phase, the control of the product and during its use by the customer until the end of all of their warranties.

Leonardo Weber

Area of Technical Assistance and Quality

Mobility, security and Corporate TV in Odebrecht's construction site

Now we have more precise control of the direct and outsourced members, avoiding undue access of people to the site and reducing the possibility of accidents and other undesirable situations.

Wellington Longo

Construction Manager

Constructora Rocha computerizes the manpower assignment processes at construction sites with Mobuss Construção

We have more control and agility in this management, which is helping to create a culture focused on productivity, tracking costs of services and labor, and setting goals to reverse deviations as soon as possible.

Bruno Soares


R. Franco Engenharia gains efficiency, productivity and integrated information control

Mobuss Construção has enabled us to have a more effective control and reduced the use of paper in the work. We still gain in the organization of data and consequently in the standardization of processes for effective control. All of this resulted in the quality of the final product, which could be delivered with reduced time in the execution of some tasks.

Sandro Andrey Ramos da Silva

Planning Coordinator

Construtora Tecla has progress in works with a Teclógica solution

One of its differentials is to offer information in one place with quality and fidelity. Automation ensures better results as there is no need to compile information into spreadsheets.

José Pedro Carvalho

Civil engineer

Construtora Frechal uses Mobuss Construção and reduces rework by up to 70%

Mobuss Construção brought the 'do it right' mentality on the first try. The biggest gain was this quality culture since the rework can cost up to five times the value of the work.

Silvia Peixer

Engineering manager


Data and cases that demonstrate our commitment to your success.


reduction in service rework


increase in productivity in consolidated cases


companies that joined Mobuss Construção


of nonconformities in construction sites resolved

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Technological resources and utilities

Features to make your management even more efficient.

Working online and offline

Access control

Integration with ERPs, MS Excel and legacy systems

Availability in the cloud

Multi-languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish)


Unlimited users

File Library

Personal and Business Calendars

Attachments and bookmarks

Constant updating

Portal to centralize information

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