Construction Daily Report

Follow your construction site, leveraging information already collected in other modules by the teams in the field.

Construction Daily Report

Construction Daily Report

The Construction Daily Report module has sections that guide the fill out, facilitating the preparation and approval of the report.

The Construction Daily Report module functions through the portal and mobile devices, it is responsive and can be accessed via any browser. It also allows for the import of information from the Quality module, Access Turnstile, and Document Management modules to facilitate the fill of the daily report.

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Construction Daily Report

General Information

Identification informations of the work diary, such as dates, deadlines, and parties involved. Associate documents available in the Document Management, such as Technical Responsibility Reports (ARTs), addendums, and other documentary evidence. Maintain a history of macro work date rescheduling.

Construction Daily Report

Virtual Turnstile

Control access to works easily and quickly

Together with the Construction Daily Report Module, the Virtual Turnstile application allows access registration by suppliers, employees and third parties. The application works on smartphones with Android operating system. Access Registration is done via badge reading, QR Code or NFC Card (Near Field Communication).


Fully interactive operator panel

Importing information from previous journals

Weather conditions with rainfall map

Record of activities, occurrences and visits

Control of headcount with employee histogram

Control of machines and equipment

Electronic or digital approval

Importing information from other modules

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