Mobuss Construção Mobility and management software for the construction industry.

Mobuss Construção is an unique and complete solution for the industry, specially developed to offer more efficiency in the management of work.

Our system is the most capable to attend both professionals who are in the building site as well as teams allocated in the base of the operation, providing more accessibility and profitability for your business.


Our solution offers reliable indicators in real time for the control of the processes of the construction to the post-work, increasing decision-making and increasing the profitability of companies in the segment.

Mobuss Construção assists in the following operations:

Project management;

Control of equipment and labor;

Control of documents and registries circulating inside and outside the work;

Security management;

Quality Management;

Technical assistance services;

Key inspection and delivery processes.


Our solution represents the best for every need of your company, always with the objective of increase the efficiency of the processes that goes from building planning to the post-construction stage.

Mobuss Construção seeks to boost the following improvements:

  • Collaboration in projects;
  • Efficiency in the management of work;
  • Security for employees;
  • Quality and sustainability for construction;
  • Satisfaction in the delivery of units;
  • Post-construction agility.




Develop a technological solution that increases the efficiency of the processes from the planning of the construction until the post-work.



To be recognized as a international reference company with the most complete management solution for companies in the construction sector.



Excellence, evolution, focus on results and commitment.

Teclógica It is a company specialized in the delivery of structures and strategies in Information Technology.

Teclógica has been operating for more than 20 years in Brazil and Latin America, delivering solutions of Software Outsourcing and Infrastructure, Communication and Corporate Mobility. In the area of Corporate Mobility, it has more than 10 years of experience in projects focused on process optimization, efficiency increase and return on investment.

Recognized with national and international awards, Teclógica has certifications and business partnerships with the main companies of the technological market.

Who trusts us

Who trusts us
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