Remote Technical Assistance

Less costs and more agility with online inspection.

Integration Mobuss + Octágora

Mobuss Construção Technical Assistance Module is integrated with Octágora, a pioneering platform in Remote Visual Assistance.

With this integration, the technical assistance stage is much more cohesive and agile, avoiding unwarranted visits and unnecessary costs. See how it works:

Once the call has been opened on Mobuss, the construction company’s service team schedules an inspection via videoconference and follows it up remotely. The operator can guide the client, take screenshots and collect evidence of the problem.

Everything is recorded on the platform in real time. In this way, the construction company’s technical assistance team can assess the needs and origin of the call, identifying the appropriate resources and professionals to schedule the repair visit effectively.

*Prerequisites: For this integration, it is necessary to contract the Technical Assistance Module and the Integration License with Octágora. Hiring Octágora is separate and the responsibility of the contractor.

Check out the module available for these integrations:

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