The planning and quality inspections of the construction are connected.

Integration of Mobuss + Prevision

The Mobuss Construção Quality Module can be integrated with the Prevision software.

With this integration, information related to EAPs (Analytical Project Structures) and quality inspections are connected and the data is updated automatically.

This feature makes it possible to make quick decisions during construction measurement, since the information from quality inspections is visible to those carrying out the process.

All planning is made in Prevision. During the initial data loading process for a new job, the EAP will be imported into Mobuss Construção.

In addition, items from the EAP that may have been included, changed or deleted during replanning will also be imported periodically and automatically.

Once the EAP is available in Mobuss, the quality forms will have to be filled in, also informing the corresponding services.

Inspections carried out in full or in part are imported into Prevision, thus speeding up decision-making when measuring the work.

*Measurements can also be carried out in parallel with inspections in Mobuss, if necessary.

*Prerequisites: For this integration, it is necessary to contract the Quality Module and the Prevision Integration License. Hiring Prevision is the contractor’s responsibility.

Check out the module available for these integrations:

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