Access to the construction site

Register the entry and exit accesses of employees in the works from the virtual turnstile.

Integration of physical and virtual turnstile

Record the entries and exits of employees in the works from the Virtual Turnstile, using the physical turnstile as a barrier factor in the works.

By reading the badge, the Catraca Virtual app verifies a QR or NFC code generated from the registration within Mobuss Construction and checks the pending issues of the employee, supplier or third party.

From then on, the app sends a signal to the physical turnstile to release or block access to the work. Accesses are also controlled in the system, allowing greater monitoring of records in reports and dashboards.


Physical turnstile with facial and biometric identifier

Record the entry and exit accesses of employees to the works from the physical turnstile, using the same backlog checks available at the Virtual Turnstile.

In this integration, the Mobuss Construction API must be used to:

  • Consult the pending issues of employees;
  • Include the employee access record;

With the employee’s pending information in hand, the turnstile supplier can develop the validation to release or block access. Access records are sent to Mobuss Construção, thus allowing the monitoring of data in reports and dashboards.

catraca biometria

Prerequisites: For this integration, the Virtual Turnstile license must be contracted. The contracting of a physical turnstile supplier is the responsibility of the contracting party. Mobuss Construção has an approved physical turnstile supplier (GPR Digital).

Check out the module available for these integrations:

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